Install winbus-4-linux

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Install Wine

Install winbus


Below is the old outdated install instructions for the older versions of winbus messenger. I will leave these posted here for a short time, and then remove them. Enjoy winbus messenger!

To install winbus messenger its as easy as…

1: Install wine from your linux system repos.

2: From your terminal enter

chmod +x winetricks
sh winetricks fontsmooth-rgb
sh winetricks ie6

Install this file.

Install winbus.


*REMEMBER* When you run sh winetricks ie6 in a terminal, its gonna have further instructions to follow inside the terminal. PLEASE read what it it telling you to do, and follow them. After winbus is installed 99.9% of all errors is due to people not following instructions given by the terminal install of ie6. If these simple instructions are followed, winbus will run 100% with all features. If you are not seeing emotes, smileys or images, then you did not follow the instructions given via the terminal.

If you get an error in chat when you try to click a link or view profiles, use this quick fix.

If you like what winbus has to offer then click here to make a donation to keep it going.

winbus messenger screens

winbus messenger

Logged In Buddy List

Private Message

Join Chat Room Dialog

Chat Room

User Room

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